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Close hinges and drawers.  Besides the doors and drawers the cabinets will also get a new veneer  face.

If you are looking to add storage, change the layout maybe add an island or  an farm style sink, replacement may be an better option.  This often involves changes to the flooring, lighting and sometimes walls.

We are your one-stop


Replace or Reface, we can be your partner

If you are looking to update your kitchen there are many options. If your existing cabinets are still in good shape and the space is functional, replacing the doors and handles may be the way to go. This can be done in combination with soft

Whats Included

With high moisture levels bathrooms need special care during construction. We use cement based backerboard for floor and wall tiles, create a waterproof seal prior to tile installation and only use 100% silicone caulk for long life.

We offer glass shower enclosures, designer fixtures and quality build in.


Maximize your experience and improve your home’s value

Bathrooms have evolved over the last decade. Soaking tubs are joined by spa shower systems for an luxurious bathing experience. Double sinks are now common and tile selections have exploded. Why wait untill you sell the house for a do-over


Designed for

Great looks can go hand in hand with great usability. Combine it with great quality to stand the test of times.

Although finishing an basement can be relatively easy to accomplish, special considerations have to be given to fire prevention and escape route code requirements.

 With sufficient lighting, a great floorplan this space does not have to feel like an cave but rather a place to enjoy.


An Extra bedroom, an media room, home office or entertainment. A basement can be so much more !!!

Whether you are looking to update your basement or  finish a previous unfinished area we can help you transform the space to an useful  space in your house.

Inside. The feel should be that it was always meant to be build this way.

We help you create a budget, create the floor plans and do the permit  application. And when it comes time to build your addition we schedule to minimize the interruption to your life by completing as much as possible without opening your home.


Additions should not feel like an addition.......

As families grow or requirements change and your home needs more space, an addition may be in order.

Our vision for additions is that they should never  feel like an addition.  They should seamlessly  expand the home, without creating awkward passages

Be it a wet spot in the ceiling, mold growing on the  drywall, cracked floor tiles, rotting wood or a deck that needs replacement, we can help you solve your problem.

Give us a call  to discuss.

Maintenance and repair

Find the problem before fixing it..

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry we understand your house from the inside out. So rather than fixing the symptoms we will try and find the underlying cause and give you options. Some may be obvious others not so.

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Cabinets and hardware

•Electric and plumbing

Countertop and sink

• Appliances

Whats Included

• Tile an accessories

• Vanity and top

• Plumbing and electrical

• Hardware and paint

Whats Included

• Floorplan and Permits

• Framing and insulation

• wall / floor / ceiling

• Electrical

Whats Included

• review of options

• Floorplan and renderings

• Finish schedule

• Turn Key completion

Whats Included

• 30+ years of experience

• Honest opinion

• Quality and integrity

• Fair pricing