ReModeling by Reinder

With over 30 years of experience in construction we strive to be a trusted partner for your project, be it an addition, room remodel, bathroom/kitchen renovation or wood repair and paintwork.

We understand that you home is your biggest investment. We will make every effort to protect it while we work in it. As a smaller contractor we can provide personalized services . As remodeling often involves multiple skillsets we have several long term partners so we have control over and know the crews working  on your project.

Functional living spaces

With design in mind

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A successful remodel should start with a wish list of needs and wants. This will help to find a solution that fits your unique circumstance.

It will give us the opportunity to help you brainstorm for a solution that might otherwise  not have been obvious.



Superior interior are made by listening to the customer, understand their goals and use our knowledge of structure and materials to realize their vision.

• Formulate requirements

• Establish a budget

• Floor plans

• Material Selections

• 3D Visualizations

• Permit Application



Our Complete Design Services


Getting it right the first time.